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Choosing the right oar


All oars at Croker Oars are custom made to order.  Each shaft is individually tested for strength and agility. They are made to suit each individual and each individual has different needs.


Gathering information on each individual is the key to the perfect oar. There are many factors to be considered when ordering oars.



  • The type of oar - Sculling, Rowing, Surf or Ocean

  • Side needed - Bow, stroke or both



  • Height 

  • Weight 

  • Gender

  • Age



  • Skill level - Beginner, Leisure, Competitive or Professional


  • Choose your shaft (speak to us +64 272 333 100)

  • Choose your blade

  • Choose your handle & Grip

  • Fill out one of our Enquiry Forms at the top & talk to US!

Slick Blade Bow Side


Slick Blade Stroke Side


Contact Croker Oars for more information on creating a perfect oar for your needs. Qualified staff with more than 50 years experience are happy to help. 

Diagram of a rowing 8 boat

Boat Diagram

Need help? Contact us

+64 272 333 100

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