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All Croker surf and sweep blades feature the latest VARTM (Vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding). Aerospace and automotive companies have been using this method to produce complex parts in one piece. It enables the production of a blade free of voids and high in strength.

Standard Surf Blade


The standard surf oar blade is a traditional ‘macon’ shape. These are manufactured with a closed edge finish for extra strength and durability.  This blade design has a prominent ridge line which helps with the blades stability in the water.


Standard Surf Blade
Surf Boat

Surf Blades


Sweep Oar Blade


Our sweep blade design has evolved over the years and the current shape is moulded in one piece. This shape has a low volume which helps the blade stay submerged while in use. Our sweep blade is strong, durable, and repairable. 


Sweep Blade
Surf Boat
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