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'How does it feel to win a medal?' WINNERS

Congratulations to our 5 winners for their comments!
You have made us all appreciate the feeling of winning and made us laugh and even gasp at your answers.


'How does it feel to win a medal?' Winners


Like you want to combine songs “can’t touch this”, “we are the champions” and “simply the best” in one Super #1 hit!

Rebeka Babic (CRO)


Squeezing the last ounce of strength from your crew...

Hitting the beach all together...

Announcers call... 

bronze,...silver,...only gold left...sen bloody sational!!

Rob Pearson (AUS)



It makes me feel PINK all over!

Sam Carroll (AUS)



The grueling racing challenge of man, boat, oar and water is complete by the achievement of getting a medal. The medal seals the deal.

Nick Reid (UK)



Everything finally numbed, staring at your crew in disbelief as it sinks in, you’ve won. Nine men together, bonded by the medals around our necks.

Chris McCarthy (AUS)



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